Grassland & Muck provided the first outing for JCB’s new middleweight loading shovel.  As its numbering suggests, the 419S replaces the 418, with key differences being an increase in power, lift capacity and overall bulk. The rear chassis section has been stretched by 300mm, apparently improving weight distribution to allow more drive to be put down through the tail end rubber. That’s helped by a 1t increase in total weight, most of it again in the rump.  All of this means the new loader will now lift an extra 450kg despite its jib remaining much the same as before.  On the powertrain front, things haven’t changed too much, either. A six-speed ZF torque-lock box is driven by a six-pot Cummins motor, but this pairing now puts out 7% more oomph, taking output to 183hp. In the footwear department, there’s the option to fit tyres up to 750mm wide thanks to a shift to the same heavyweight ZF axles used on the 419S’s big brother – the 435S. And these two loaders also now share the same updated cabin.