Krone has extended its silage wagon family with the UK introduction of the 36-43m³ RX range.  The RX slots in between the firm’s MX and ZX wagon lines and incorporates a new-style pick-up and chopping unit. In addition, the RX’s electronics allow the fitment of SpeedSharp, Krone’s system for sharpening 23 blades in one swoop and without having to remove them from the cassette. After completing those 23, the rotor then shifts slightly to the side for the remaining 23 blades to be touched up.  In a move that is likely to be adopted by other Krone machines, the RX is built to a modular ‘ruck sack’ design. This means the buyer can easily tailor his or her spec, depending on the requirement for front headboard, rear headboard, axle configuration … and so on. Like all MXs and ZXs, the RXs can be used as either a self-loading silage wagon or for filling by a forager. The pictured 40m³ RX 400 has a power requirement of 180-280hp and lists at around £100,000.