The possibility to integrate the new WG900 web grader into the RH12 Combi, RH20 Combi and RH24 Combi receiving hoppers allows different sizes of potatoes and onions to be graded during storage and processing.

This combination of two coordinated machines takes care of soil cleaning, picking, sorting and dividing the crop into two different sizes. All this takes place in a straight crop flow with no bottleneck.

The PU-rollers of the pre-grading unit of the RH20 and RH24 can also be used in sticky conditions to clean off adhering soil. An optionally integrated merging conveyor transfers the trash onto the soil cross conveyor.

Other new options include six LED work lights for the RH20 and RH24, and the operating terminal (and other operating devices) on all RH models can now be equipped with a protective casing.