Grimme joint venture in India

Indian farm machinery manufacturer Shaktiman and Grimme have signed a 50:50 joint venture to develop and market a complete range of potato machines in India.

by Steven Vale

14 May 2019

India is the world’s second largest potato producing country and the joint venture will enable both partners to optimise current and future capabilities in the sub 75hp category.

Specific machines developed to cater for the needs of local markets will be marketed and serviced through Shaktiman’s dealer network, and the two partners plan to share technology platforms in the near future to develop machines for other root crops, such as onions, ginger and turmeric.

“We look forward to a new future that will revolutionise the root crop market in India and beyond,” said Grimme CEO Franz Bernd Kruthaup.

Founded in 1997, Shaktiman makes a wide range of farm machinery, including rotary tillers, power harrows, self-propelled sprayers, sugar cane and rice harvesters, balers, rakes and ploughs. Based at Rajkot, India, with more than 2,500 employees, Shaktiman products are exported to 90+ countries.