Grimme potato planter updates

The new single-row control system on the GL420 and GL430 four-row potato cup planters is the starting point for GPS-based section control.

by Steven Vale

11 Jan 2021

The new models differ in that the drive shaft to the four planting elements is powered via a single hydraulic motor. Described as a cost-effective alternative to hydraulically-powered single row systems, the use of electromagnetic clutches on the new drive shaft allows individual planting elements to be switched on and off from the terminal (automatically using the section control option). Also new on the GL430 is a hydraulic drawbar jack, and there is a new cabinet for all hydraulic and air connections.

The TerraProtect Pro diking system is a new option for the GB430 four-row belt planter. Previewed at the last Agritechnica, the patent-pending technique comprises a soil loosening tine and a small diking share that gouges out a chunk of soil from the bottom of the ridge.

This indentation stores excess water during periods of heavy rainfall, preventing soil from being washed away. Operated from the cab, the automatic control system adapts the frequency of the soil indentations to the forward speed of the tractor. The system can be switched off when driving down the spray lines.