Grimme remains tight-lipped, but this picture seems to suggest that the well-known German manufacturer is testing a new type of four-row self-propelled bunker-type potato harvester.

The bottom half looks like that of the Rexor 620 sugar beet harvester. The use of wheels instead of rubber tracks allows the harvester to work in crab steer mode to spread the weight over a larger footprint. Some of the other parts of the machine look as if they have been gleaned from existing Grimme potato harvesters, and it would appear to have a Claas cab. More interesting is the way the cab is located above the intake elevators, giving the operator a bird’s eye view of the proceedings.  The picture comes from the Polish facebook page OGL-Agro. Providing it is not a hoax then burning questions are when and where the new machine will officially break cover? Grimme’s Technica event takes place at company HQ in Damme from November 15-18, and the novel harvester would certainly be a crowd stopper at Agritechnica next year.