Carried on triple axles, Hi-Spec’s latest Kompactor ‘compaction/push-off’ trailer has a capacity of 40cu.m. Fitted with air-brakes and front and rear passive steering axles as standard, as with other models in the range launched earlier this year it features a hydraulically operated headboard. With the trailer’s tailgate shut, the headboard can be used to compact material such as grass or maize silage to increase the load carried by up to 80% compared to a conventional trailer. Also suitable for transporting bulky materials, such as woodchips or grain, the company says the contents can be pushed out in as little as 30 seconds. The chassis incorporates a hydraulically dampened drawbar, through which all the hydraulic and electric lines are routed, and a hydraulically operated sliding bogie axle option places more weight on the tractor to increase grip. The Kompactor will be on display at LAMMA in January.