German trailer, forage wagon, manure spreader and chaser bin maker Bergmann has developed a triple-axle sugar beet transfer trailer. Called the RRW 500, and designed to allow high-capacity self-propelled harvesters to reach their full potential, it offers a capacity of 50cu.m. (around 35 tonnes). During unloading, crop is conveyed to the front of the trailer via a series of chains and pusher bars. A similar system is employed at the front to move the beet sideways to the unloading elevator where a cleaning roller takes out most of the soil. Beet are cleaned again on the 1.8m-wide and three-stage and hydraulically-folding transfer elevator, which takes just 50 seconds to empty a full load. The elevator folds neatly to the side of the trailer to keep the road width to 3m. Optional equipment includes a LED lighting package and a crab steer system on all three axles. The sugar beet trailer will be on display at Agritechnica next month.