New additions to the Claas product range being displayed for the first time in the UK at LAMMA include the Quadrant 5200 baler, the latest Variant 400 round baler and the recently launched Field Base mobile RTK transmitter. The new Quadrant 5200 on display incorporates a new knotter system, longer bale chamber and the patented APC (Automatic Pressure Control) system that automatically maintains the target bale weight by monitoring the knotters and stress on the drive system. The Variant 400 variable round baler features a new netting system and a heavier duty bale chamber. As previously, there are four Variant models in the range. Bale size on the 460RF and 465RC is adjustable from 0.9m up to 1.55m, while bales up to 1.8m wide can be made with the 480RF and 485RC. RF models use the previous Roto Feed system but RC models are fitted with a new Roto Cut bale chopping unit that uses a new design of star rotor for an improved feed into the baler.  Instead of having to rely on picking up an RTK signal from a fixed mast, the tripod-mounted RTK Field Base enables users to take the signal with them and avoids needing to pay any license fees for transmission. The system has an accuracy of 2-3cm at up to 5km and uses an open signal, so can be used with any RTK receiver. Until now, the S10 terminal has only been ISO UT (Universal Terminal) and ISO AUX (ability to allocate actions to F keys in the tractor) compatible. For any other ISO functions, such as section boom control on a sprayer, this has required a separate screen in the tractor. For 2017, the new S10 incorporates all the latest ISO functions, so doing away with the need for additional terminals, and the new screen layout has also been redesigned so that multiple windows can be displayed simultaneously.