Completing the range of large square balers in the 120cm x 70cm (2×4) segment, Kuhn Farm Machinery says the new LSB 1270 DX produces a 10% higher bale density and a 15% increase in baling capacity.

To achieve these performance figures the baler is fitted with a double knotting system and revised driveline. The company says the newly-designed Xtra gearbox provides up to 30% extra load capacity compared to the previous model, and the baler’s revised frame and bale channel ensure it can handle the increased loads created by the gearbox.

The six knotters tie the bale halfway along the its length as well as at the bale’s end. The system is constantly monitored by the machine’s electronic control terminal, which manages twine tension and gives a knotter failure alert, thereby enabling the operator to maximise bale density and capacity. Bale density is also increased by the use of larger diameter cylinders, which create greater friction in the bale channel.

Optional equipment includes a mechanically driven crop roller, which says Kuhn, increases the capacity in dry and bulky swaths by up to 15% compared to standard machines. Minimum tractor power requirement of the 9.29-tonne baler is 130hp.