Horsch revises Pronto with bigger hopper

Horsch is looking to further increase the popularity of its Pronto universal seed drill series with a number of efficiency increasing updates on the 3.0m to 6.0m DC models.

by Steven Vale

8 Sep 2021

The new ISObus control concept and touchscreen terminals are said to simplify machine handling, adjustment and monitoring.

Hopper capacity on the seed only machines has increased from 3,500 litres to 4,000l. While on the seed and fert PPF hopper has also been updated. It now holds 5,000l with a 2,000l:3,000l split.

On both hopper versions the fan has been moved to a higher position to prevent dust and dirt from entering the metering and distribution system. Aaccess has been improved with a bigger opening and the calibration process has been improved.

For those longer days, there is the option of a new stylish WorkLight Pro LED work light cluster at the rear for better illumination with additional lights directed to the sides of the drill. Other options include the RowControl for individual row switch-off to eliminate overlaps.

The MiniDrill with its 400l hopper can now direct the seed or micro fertiliser to the coulters or splashplate the product on the surface ahead of the coulters.

The Pronto 6 DC will soon be available with a 45cm (18”) diameter tyre packer for 40km/hr road approval. The 3.0m and 4.0m version will stick with the existing 40cm (16in) tyres.