Hybrid New Holland tractor on sale in the Netherlands

Unveiled via a live stream event, the duel fuel (hydrogen and diesel) technology on the New Holland T5.140 AutoCommand is claimed to reduce CO² emissions by at least 40%.

by Steven Vale

5 Oct 2020

Officially known as H2 Dual Power, and the result of joint development work between Dutch land and water works firm Jos Scholman and New Holland Agriculture, according to Mechaman.nl the tractor retains its standard Stage V FPT diesel engine.

Pressurised to 350 bar, the five steel hydrogen tanks stored in an enormous construction on top of the cab hold around 470kg of hydrogen gas (11.5kg hydrogen).

Mixed with air and diesel, to obtain the same performance from the engine the maximum hydrogen gas content is 65% (diesel percentage must be increased for heavy field work to obtain the same engine characteristics).

The tanks reportedly contain enough hydrogen for eight hours of operation. When empty, the tractor can continue to run on diesel.

Jos Scholman has two T5.140 H2 Dual Power tractors. Used for mowing and trailer work, the plan is to add two more before the end of this year.

Currently only available for the T5.140 AutoCommand, the H2 Dual Power hydrogen kit, which costs around €70,000, is available from all Dutch New Holland dealers.

Source/Picture: Mechaman.nl