Increase in UK tractor registrations

Agricultural tractor registrations increased by almost 14.0% in December 2021 to 883 units, bringing the total for the year in the UK to 12,017 units; up nearly 16.0% on 2020.

by Steven Vale

10 Jan 2022

The number of agricultural tractors registered in the UK in December was back above its level a year before, having dipped below 2020’s figure in November, reports the AEA, which adds that the total number of units registered last year is very close to the size of the market in each of the three previous years.

Source: AEA

t is likely that registrations would have been higher still were it not for disruptions to global supply chains, which led to an increase in delivery lead times. That will have meant that some tractors which would ordinarily have been delivered (and registered) in 2021 will have been delayed into 2022.