When combined with the Leeb CS rear-mounted sprayer, the 1.2FT (1,200l) and 1.8FT (1,800l) front tanks provide up to 4,000l of spraying capacity. The new tanks can also be used with other sprayers.

Horsch says that a standard coupling triangle ensures short set-up times of the compact linkage mounted tanks without the need to manually couple hydraulic lines.

There are two versions; basic and pro. Suitable for combining with all trailed Leeb models, the base model can be used as an additional water tank with a 2” suction line towards the rear, without agitator and cleaning. The higher specification version is integrated into the software and the water circuit of the CS and has its own agitator and cleaning.

Controlled via ISObus, both tanks come standard with lights. The optional camera network provides the operator with a better overview of the space in front of the tank.