An improved version of the versatile and compact Multi Shovel has been added to JCB’s range of telescopic handler and loader attachments. With removable side plates and a fully-welded grab, it can be used for handling loose materials such as grain and gravel but also bulky materials held in place by the grab, which opens to 1.67m to handle grass and maize silage, yard manure and bales. A new hydraulic ram design and geometry creates a 50% increase in clamping force and it can pick up cleanly against a wall because the fork tines are positioned just behind the toe-plate when the grab is closed and more than 200mm back when open. Easily unbolted, the side plates ensure maximum capacity for handling these materials and also allow the attachment to grab, lift and carry long lengths of timber and similar loads. Available in nine (was six) variations to fit a wider range of handlers and loaders using different backplate pick-ups, grab closed capacities are from 1.08 to 1.44cu.m. A new curved spill guard across the back of the shovel maintains capacity while protecting the backplate coupling – without compromising visibility.