Increased fertiliser spreader accuracy

Amazone’s new-look ZA-M02 and ZA-X03 mounted spreaders can be specified with an electric control unit that enables a constant application rate to be maintained irrespective of the forward speed of the tractor.

by Steven Vale

31 May 2021

Described as an attractively-priced solution for automatic spread rate regulation at varying forward speeds, this is the first time that a rate regulation system has been available for the ZA-X.

The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal adjusts the size of the apertures automatically by setting the shutter position in such a way that the application rate is always the same. This allows the driver to speed up or slow down depending on the size of field and ground conditions.

The operator has the option of using an X-sensor (counting pulses), a signal cable (transmission of the tractor speed) or a GPS antenna to determine or transmit the speed signal.

EasySet 2, in conjunction with the electric shutter control, has the added advantage of being able to adjust the application rate without stopping or leaving the cab when carrying out border and water course spreading and when working in wedge shaped fields.

The new terminal contains a total area counter and an integrated hectare meter allows the user to keep an eye on the machine output. The styling facelift brings the spreaders into line with the ZA-V and ZA-TS models. Otherwise, the basic models remain unchanged in terms of working widths and hopper capacities and the ZA-X 03 is available in working widths from 10-18m and hopper capacities from 500-1,400 litres (max. 1,750-litres with optional extensions).

Working widths of the ZA-M02 are from 10-36m. Hopper sizes are from 1,000-1,500-litres (max. 3,000-litres with extensions).