Indian tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is testing the prototype of its first driverless tractor. Developed within the Mahindra Group’s 1,500-strong R+D department at Chennai (India), the autonomous tractor features GPS automatic steering, headland turn, implement lift/lower and skip passing. Safety features on the prototype, which is based on a Yuvo tractor (30-45hp), include geo-fence, which prevents it from crossing a perimeter, and remote engine stop and start.

Believed to be India’s first driverless tractor, the company plans to deploy the technology in stages across its tractor platforms (20-100hp). M&M is currently working on obtaining the regulatory approvals, and hopes to have the first commercial units in the fields in India late 2018/early 2019.

Ultimately, the plan is to make the technology available in international markets, such as the US and Japan. There is no news on when it might arrive in Europe, but if it does then it will most likely be available through Erkunt (ArmaTrac). Recently bought by Mahindra, the Turkish tractor maker is M&M’s new global brand.