The latest version of the Harvest Tec 600 and 400 Automatic Applicator systems for applying Baler’s Choice preservative to hay and straw can now be set-up and controlled using an iPad app. Connected using a Bluetooth antenna (standard 400/option 600), the iPad app can be used to control applicator systems on all types of large, round and conventional baler. Currently 600 and 400 systems are controlled using either a dedicated stand-alone terminal or via an ISOBUS compatible terminal or built-in screen in the tractor. Providing operators without ISOBus with more flexibility than conventional terminals, the use of a single iPad to control a number of implements avoids cluttering the cab with different control terminals. In addition, they can also be used to access web-based data, such as weather forecasts or email and be used to store customer data. The new app for baler Automatic Applicator systems, which can be run on any iPad running IOS 8.01 and above, will be on display on the Profitable Farming Company stand at LAMMA 2016.