John Deere has expanded the 9RX range with three new models; the 9RX 710 (max. 781hp), 770 (max. 847hp), and 830 (max. 913hp).

Sitting above the existing 13.6l powered four-model 9RX range from 539-691hp, the larger 18-litre JD18X block in the three new tractors, which meets Stage V regs without DEF/AdBlue, provides up to 4,234Nm of torque with the top model.

The base weight of all three tractors of 33.5t can be increased to a maximum ballasted weight om the 9RX710 of 34.5t (381.t on the 9RX 770 and 830).

The close spacing of the 21 gears in the new fully-mechanical e21 PowerShift is said to provide automation familiar from the e23 transmission.

The new undercarriages with their larger 1.2m diameter drive sprockets come with a wrapping angle of 110° and 7.5 drive lug engagement. While the increased horsepower dimensions of the new models requires a larger vehicle concept, the minimum ground pressure level remains at 0.58kg/cm², comparable to the current smaller 9RX models.

Maximum flow rate from the triple hydraulic pump option is up to 636l/min and the hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM) provides up to an additional 40hp if required.

Other notable points include the new and larger CommandView 4 Plus cab. Providing improved comfort and visibility, and a substantial increase in floor space, the combination of the new cab suspension system and isolated subframe is said to reduce noise and vibrations.

ActiveCommand Steering adjusts steering effort based on ground speed. Only 3.5 turns of the steering wheel are needed from lock-to-lock in the field (five turns lock-to-lock on the road).

Packed in a vehicle width of less than 3.0m, the new 9RX models are said to be well suited to European farms.

The fast fuel system allows the 1,952l diesel tank to be filled in under four minutes, and daily maintenance points can be accessed from the ground or through the new service catwalk around the cab. Hydraulic oil service intervals have been extended to 4,000 hours and a reversible fan is optional.

Advanced smart farming capabilities include the 32.5cm (12.8 inch) high-definition G5Plus display (largest so far from John Deere), with full integration of the firm’s precision ag technology such as variable rate control, 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup, section control and full ISObus compatibility. JDLink connectivity, documentation, and DataSync are all included as standard.

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