One hundred years of John Deere tractors will be on show at the company’s 50 Celebration & Heritage Event at Langar near Nottingham on September 24 and 25, 2016, when John Deere Limited publicly celebrates its 50th anniversary in the UK and Ireland. Taking pride of place at the event will be a parade of 50 vintage, classic and modern John Deere tractors and machinery, which starts with a 1916 Overtime Model R tractor, belonging to Lincolnshire farm manager Malcolm Robinson. The parade will also include the iconic 4020 tractor, marking the beginnings of John Deere Limited at Langar in 1966, and represent every decade up to the present day, finishing with John Deere’s new flagship 620hp four-track 9620RX. “The main focus of the event is to gather together examples of John Deere tractors and machinery sold through John Deere’s UK and Irish dealers from 1966 to 2016,” says heritage event organiser Peter Leech.