Video accounts for 80% of the content viewed on line these days, and with so much to choose from farm machinery makers have to dream up some pretty spectacular stunts to grab our attention. The quality of this image is not brilliant, we are sure you can work out what this John Deere combine is up to. The company jokes it still has to manage working widths and work on the T670i’s anti-slip management, but the 449hp combine, which is nicknamed Tamina, had no trouble at all pulling the 6m-wide discs. Attached to the rear axle by two chains to ensure chopped straw fell in front of it, the test took place in Sweden. The T was fitted with a 9.1m 630X header, and the moisture content of the 9t/ha crop of triticale was around 18-19%. Apparently, the combine had no trouble at all turning at the headland, but the extra ballast did slow the forward speed. Without the discs the 670 marched through the crop at a speed of 4.5-5km/hr. With them, it slowed to 3km/hr, which was not fast enough for the discs to cut into the stubble and do a proper job. We understand John Deere HQ has approved the posting of the video on You Tube, and we are informed it should appear sometime soon. One to look out for!