John Deere combine updates for 2020

Increased throughput, automation and easier operation are the main focus of a number of combine updates from John Deere for next season.

by Steven Vale

14 Aug 2019

Starting with S-Series combines, the automatic regulation of forward speed, HarvestSmart, has been optimised and integrated with the Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA2) system.

In situations where ICA2 cannot achieve the required grain sample due to high levels of chaff or broken grain, or it exceeds the set loss rate, ICA2 automatically adjusts the HarvestSmart system and the combine’s speed just as the driver would normally do. At the same time, engine load is maintained at the desired level.

To prove the combine’s automation and smooth grain handling features, John Deere will guarantee S700 Series customers a broken grain content of less than 1% in wheat for the 2020 harvest. If the proportion is higher, the customer will receive compensation for these losses equivalent to the price per tonne of lost grain.

Side winds can have an enormous effect on the distribution of combine residues, so it will be possible on S700 Series machines for the angle of spread to be adjusted automatically.

Using GPS, the new AutoSwap system detects the combine’s direction of travel and automatically mirrors the broadcast pattern once the combine turns at the headland and moves in the opposite direction.

Improvement in chop quality is also enabled by remote adjustment of the counter knife. The operator can assess chop quality from the cab by checking the combine’s reversing camera, and set the counter knife position from the seat.

The previous introduction of the ActiveYield automatic yield sensor removed the need for manual yield calibrations and relieved the operator of the stress and time involved in waiting to get results.

From next season, this system will be supplemented with a more precise humidity sensor, which says the company, will result in a considerable improvement in data collection, especially for both low and high grain moisture contents.

Calibration intervals plus yield and humidity data will be recorded along with other important information on the combine’s documentation software.

The combine plays an important role in data collection from field operations. To allow wireless transmission, the firm will be offering wireless data transfer activation plus remote display access free of cost for five years.

This enables data exchange between any mobile computers and smart phones as well as the farm office via JDLink Connect. Additionally, compatibility between the open platform website portal and other systems is being expanded, with data transfer in the ISO XML standard possible from next year.

New headers

The new 700X variable length header is also new for 2020. This maintains the existing unit’s long 1.2m table for maximum harvesting capacity and minimum losses in OSR, with the benefit of an even better crop flow.

The 700X headers will feature a new low-profile feeding design to guarantee an even smoother transition to the auger, especially for short crops such as spring barley. In addition the slip clutch position has been moved directly to the auger to minimise wear, and further durability improvements have been made, with 25% thicker skid plates on all units.

With increasing restrictions on the use of herbicides and crop desiccation products, the ability to effectively combine swaths of oilseed rape, legumes and other crops is regaining importance. The new 615P header is designed to pick up swaths with as few losses as possible.

With a working width of 4.5m, the new header is equipped with air-sprung support wheels. The crop is picked up by tines before being transferred to a horizontal belt. A feature of this system is its smooth uptake, says the company, which is nearly free from vibration to prevent any pod shatter losses. The material is then compressed by a windscreen controlled by double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Finally, the W- and T-Series combines can now be equipped with the new fourth generation 4640 Greenstar display. While all combine settings are still regulated using the armrest display, all other functions can be controlled through the  display.

These include guidance, documentation, data transmission and MachineSync automatic steering of the tractor/trailer combination driving alongside. The universal 4640 display is removable and can also operate section control on a sprayer, for example.

All the new combine updates can be ordered from dealers now.