John Deere expands 6R range with 6R150 and 6R185

Two new models slot in above the popular 6155R as Deere revamps the 6R range with a new line up, adding the 6R165 and 6R185 and growing the 110hp to 250hp model count to 14. There are also two new more powerful four-cylinder models.

by Steven Vale

15 Nov 2021

With a maximum power rating of 165hp (177hp with power boost), the new range-topping 6R150 is said to provide six-cylinder performance with the compact dimensions and light weight (6.5t) of a four-cylinder tractor.

All four-pot models can now carry a full 4.0t payload and have a maximum rear lift capacity of up to 6.4t. Hydraulic flow rates are up to 155l/min and rear wheel tyre options are available up to 650/65 R38 on the 6R130 to 6R150.

There are also more transmission options. In addition to AutoQuad Plus and AutoPowr, customers can now choose the CommandQuad option for four-cylinder models with a top speed of 50km/hr. PowerQuad is now off the 6R options list.

The dashboard has gone from behind the steering wheel. All information has been transferred to a corner post display and the new position for the windscreen wiper provides a wider field of vision.

But probably of greater relevance is the two new short wheelbase six-cylinder tractors - afterall it is believed that over 800 6155R models were sold in the UK and Ireland in 2019. The 204hp 6R185 (up to 234hp with power boost) is aimed at customers seeking a compact (the 2.76m wheelbase is a few centimetres shorter than the 2.80 or 2.90m models in the 6R range) six-pot tractor to be used mainly for transport, but also capable of handling demanding hydraulic power requirements.

The integrated 1-Click-Go AutoSetup system, a key feature on all models, is said to make tractor and implement settings much quicker and easier. Eliminating the need to scribble notes on a piece of paper or endlessly typing on the display to set up the machine prior to field work, the new system allows the operator to save up to 90% of in-field display clicks.

All the required settings can be pre-planned and managed in the cloud, including agronomic data such as field boundaries, guidance lines and prescriptions. Once the tractor crosses the field boundary, the stored profile is automatically available.

The bonnet, mirror design and model numbering, which indicates the rated engine power, comes from John Deere’s larger tractor ranges.

In addition to functioning in transport and PTO applications, the 'IPM'  power boost now also delivers additional horsepower in hydraulic applications (up to 20hp on four-pot models and up to 40hp on six-pot tractors) when using fans, pumps and power-hungry hydraulics on bale wrappers, slurry tankers, drills, etc.

The new E-joystick has hand detection. The fully programmable lever, which is said to be particularly useful for front loader work, allows the operator to configure the layout of the buttons and change the direction of travel using the reverser button.

A dynamic weighing system allows bucket contents to be weighed on the move and the Return to Position feature enables the loader to be placed in a pre-defined position with one click.