John Deere has launched its new for 2018 S700 combine models with the option of it latest version of its established ICA interactive combine adjustment system. Labelled ICA2, this considerably enhanced version is set up in the same way as the existing ICA, the operator selecting settings such as grain quality, losses and cleanliness. ICA2 can then be set up so it will automatically maintain the selected priorities. This is achieved via constant monitoring of both clean grain and tailings, cameras taking a snapshot of samples every couple of seconds. Programmed to recognise changes in the samples, such as increased levels of contaminants in the clean grain, ICA2 will automatically adjust the settings to maintain quality at pre-selected levels. The system allows the operator to view live snapshots taken of sample quality in the cab, enabling operators to tweak various settings manually if they prefer. The key development aim, however, is to ensure the combine can be operated at its optimum efficiency by operators with varying levels of experience.