John Deere has extended its 8R Series tractors upwards with a new top of the range 400hp model (97/68 EC rated). Powered by a new John Deere 9-litre Stage IV engine incorporating an updated piston design, the 8400R, which delivers up to 450hp with Intelligent Power Management, is the most powerful standard tractor ever made at Waterloo. Completing the 8R line-up, and available only with the e23 transmission, Deere claims the 8400R produces 6% more pulling power and reduces fuel consumption by up to 2% when compared to the 8370R – the current 8R Series flagship. The 8400R features as standard a stronger double flat axle design with an overall width of 255cm. New ductile iron hubs will allow 970kg rear wheel weights to be fitted to transfer more power to the ground. This new rear axle design will be optionally available on the smaller 8R Series models. The 8400R is planned to go into production in November, and the 8RT Series tracked range will be updated next year.