JOZ buys Fullwood

JOZ, the Dutch slurry and feed pusher robot manufacturer, has added milking systems to the portfolio following the acquisition of Fullwood Packo. Creating a new brand, Fullwood JOZ, the product ranges in conventional and robotic milking will continue unchanged.

by Steven Vale

20 Jun 2022

With a dealer network in 80 countries, Fullwood's headquarters and production site will remain in the UK, as will the offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

JOZ CEO Arend Kuperus says that Fullwood JOZ dealers now have automatic access to JOZ solutions, such as manure robots, feed pusher robots and the new Gazoo nitrogen cracker.

He adds that Fullwood JOZ will invest heavily in product innovation in the next few years and will continue to refine the milking systems, especially in the area of software and data collection.

“We will open new branches, which we expect will allow us to double the number of robots. We have all kinds of ideas about how we can make the milking robots even easier to use, so that end users can work more smartly and efficiently.”