Keenan’s first vertical auger mixer wagon was on display at last week’s Danish Agromek farm machinery show. The first result of collaboration with Storti, the machine at Agromek was made by the Italian company.

Under the agreement Keenan will sell the twin and triple vertical auger models from 18 cubic metres upwards. The seven twin-auger VA2 models include capacities of 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 and 33cu.m., and there are three triple-auger machines – VA3-36 (36cu.m.), VA3-40 (40cu.m.) and VA3-44 (44cu.m.). Keenan is not selling any single auger models, smaller twin auger models nor the Storti self-propelled models. The collaboration also includes joint R+D work between the two family-owned businesses to develop new models. The first result of this is heading to the French SIMA show next year where Keenan will reveal its first self-propelled mixer wagon. Built in Italy, we understand the initial 16cu.m. prototype will use Keenan’s MechFiber340 mixer mounted onto the Storti drive system.