Danish manufacturer Frejma has developed a mechanical post-harvest technique to control crop weeds such as couch, thistles and docks.

Called the Root-up 4000 (4.0m), weed roots are teased out of the ground by 60 tines. Spaced at 67mm intervals along the two contra-rotating rotors, from here they pass onto a slatted conveyor where soil falls to the ground.

Working at speeds of 7-8km/hr, and operating to a maximum depth of 18cm, exposed weed roots deposited across the full working width on top of the soil dry out.

Optional equipment includes a belt to deposit the material in swaths for collection. The trailed machine folds to 3.0m for transport and can be equipped with hydraulic or air brakes.

Developed in conjunction with fellow Danish company Phidan Engineering, the innovative technique has captured the imagination of the Danish Agromek show judges, which have entered it as a new product in the ‘Stars Special Edition 2021’ initiative.

This is an online platform to the real show, which should have taken place in January but was postponed due to Covid.