New traffic regulations will soon call for farm trailers carrying grass and maize silage, root crops and cereals, to be covered when travelling on the road in many European countries, a time-consuming task with manually fitted covers. German trailer maker Krampe is looking to speed up the job with a hydraulically-operated system that allows drivers to open and close the covers in just 15 seconds without leaving the tractor cab.

Made by Dutch manufacturer VKB Covering, the technique comprises two full-length mesh screens. These are laid on top of the load and folded down flat against the outer sides during loading and unloading, without increasing the 2.55m width. The two electro-hydraulic motors are installed on the headboard and a standard-fit safety switch ensures the tailgate will not open when the covers are closed.

Available as an option for all Krampe Bandit and Big Body trailers with a body length from 6.5 to 9m, the mesh screens are held in a frame that is flexible enough to expand and adapt to cover over the top of heaped materials, such as grass and maize silage. When closed they overlap 200mm with rubber lips to provide a good seal. The initial batch of covers have already been fitted in Germany and are ready for first cut silage. In the UK, the new option is available from Krampe dealer Continental Soil Technology. £POA.