Creating strips of cultivated soil ready for planting row crops, the 3000 series is the first powered strip till cultivator from KRM.

Joining the Carré Inro non-powered machines, the Strip-Till 3000 is made by Italian firm Falc. There are two models: the four-row 3000/750/4 (750mm centres for maize) and six-row 3000/500/6, (500mm centres for energy crops and sugar beet).

The optional rear linkage allows a maize or sugar beet drill to be mounted directly to the machine to create a one pass system

On both, soil in the strip is loosened by a leading ripper tine. Powered rotavator blades then create a fine tilth (working depth from 15-25cm). A 550mm-diameter hydraulically operated segmented roller consolidates the strip ready for planting and it is possible to apply granular or liquid fertiliser at the same time.

Both machines work at a PTO speed of 1000rpm. Weights of the four and six-row versions are 2.3t and 2.5t, respectively, and tractor power requirement is from 130-220hp.

Price of the four-row model, which will be demonstrated at next month’s Tillage-Live, is £42,080. The six-row machine costs £46,170.

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