KRM takes on Siwi tractor hitches

The Danish-made Siwi combi hitch, a fully automatic quick connector that allows a tractor to reverse and hook up an implement without the driver leaving the cab, is now available in the UK from Keith Rennie Machinery.

by Steven Vale

12 May 2021

The system includes tractor and implement/trailer modules to automatically connect hydraulic couplers, pneumatic brakes, PTO drivelines and different electrical systems including ISObus.

Accommodating up to eight hydraulic couplers and two seven-pin power plugs for trailer lights, the tractor module fits on a standard three-point linkage. A multi electrical module is also available for ISObus, cameras and different control boxes.

The combi hitch system with PTO option; orange VM800P trailer module (left) and TM800 tractor module.

“Hooking up a tractor-implement combination can be time consuming, tiring and poses a potential risk to the operator,” comments KRM managing director Mike Britton. “But this innovative technology is taking the job from minutes to seconds and leaves the operator safely in the tractor seat.”

Another benefit is being able to do a lot of jobs with one tractor and one operator. For example, it can be used to quickly unhitch a lime spreader, then use the same tractor with a front loader to load the machine, hitch back up and continue spreading.

“Also, we have customers with disabilities who want to return to their jobs despite missing legs or suffering with paralysis,” comments Steen N. Jensen, sales and marketing director at Siwi Machines.

Rasmus Helms, the Danish inventor and company owner, made the first hitch in 2012. The company has since delivered systems throughout Europe and to Canada, the USA and Japan. The combi hitch is also available for self-propelled foragers and the Siwi product range brought to the UK by KRM also includes the Top-cover for silage trailers.