Suitable for bales with a diameter from 1.0m to 1.5m, the EasyWrap 150 mounted round bale wrapper is claimed as the fastest single-arm version on the market.

Designed for front (also on telehandlers) or rear mounting, and suitable for round bales weighing up to 1.6t, it is aimed at farms and contractors baling and wrapping grass silage in separate operations.

The single wrapping arm orbits around the bale at 36rpm, and the wrapper is adjusted to the bale size by refitting the pins on the bale pick up loading arms.

An angle sensor monitors the position of the wrapping arm, which claims the company, ensures a consistent overlap when operated on different tractors and hydraulic systems.

The film is 750mm wide and offers a 55% or 70% pre-stretch. Up to four spare film rolls can be stored on an optional holder which has integrated lights and a control that operates the dispensing and cutting mechanism and the wrapping arm.

Once the bale size has been inputted on the terminal, the system calculates the required number of wraps, and the optional bale turner also serves as a sensor for the auto-load feature.

As the tractor approaches the bale this pushes the sensor roll out of the wrapping table which in turn triggers the two rollers and brings them together to pick up the bale. It is possible to automate the complete wrapping cycle.

The compact design and narrow frame provide the operator with good visibility of the wrapping table, says the company, and shifting the wrapper to the transport position is push-button operated from the cab. Krone tells us to expect more bale wrappers in the future.