Krone and Lemken have developed a solution to simplify road transport of the jointly developed autonomous vehicle.

Love them or hate them, autonomous workhorses are starting to make inroads, and while the vehicle developed by Krone and Lemken is still in the test phase, one of the issues potential customers will face if it does make it to the price list is the best way to shift it between fields.

The most feasible way will be to drive it onto a low-bed trailer and then tow it behind a tractor. If you do not currently own such a trailer, then you’ll probably have to buy one. Possibly not. It still ties up a tractor, but the two companies have devised a concept whereby the autonomous unit is connected directly to a tractor by a drawbar and coupling system.

Dubbed the Vehicle Transport System (VTS), disengaging the driveline of the 230hp autonomous unit during transport allows it to be classified as a towed implement on the road. As such, rear mounted kit does not been to be removed. This helps to reduce set-up and transport times, and the system uses standard hydraulic and electrical connections.

On the road, the axles of the autonomous unit are controlled like a force-steered trailer, and the two companies confirm that the concept has passed road stability and steering tests. The short turning radius allows it to negotiate narrow field entrances.

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