LAMMA provided the first UK outing for Krone’s latest trailed Vendro tedder. Tagged with a ‘C’ for carried, the 11.2m model employs a semi-mounted arrangement to create a degree of weight transfer onto the tractor.

While standard T-designation trailed models have a two-point hitch and run as a dead pull behind the tractor, a coil-spring linkage within the three-point headstock on the Vendro C works to transfer load onto the rear of the tractor when the tedder’s ten rotors are lifted in the air for headland turns.

According to the German manufacturer this feature is key in enabling smaller tractors to be used for the low power application of spreading grass where often a larger tug will be employed unnecessarily simply to handle wider tedders when they’re lifted out of work.

Interestingly there’s very little price difference between this new model and a mounted variant – a standard Vendro 1120 comes in at £36,200 while the 1120T commands a £100 premium.

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