Krone unveils its first trailed wrapper

Described as fast and easy to use, the double-arm EasyWrap 165 T (trailed) round bale wrapper joins the 150 model launched last year.

by Steven Vale

6 Sep 2021

Capable of lifting 1.65t bales with a maximum diameter of 1.65m, the wrapping speed of up to 40rpm is faster than the 36rpm of the 150.

Controlled from a cab-based ISObus terminal, all major functions, including film roll replacement, can also be operated via a separate panel on the machine.

The wrapper couples to the tractor linkage with the help of a headstock that swings into position and couples to the lower link arms and it is possible to adjust the arm to the size of the bale without tools.

Wrapping is triggered automatically by a sensor plate. The film is 750mm wide and offers a pre-stretch of either 55% or 70%.

Once the operator has entered the number of film layers and bale size, the system calculates the actual number of layers.

The machine also serves as a bale collector by picking up the next bale while keeping the finished bale on board. Other features include the hydraulic drawbar that swings to the side for optimum bale collection and it is possible to automate the wrapping cycle.

Options include a bale turner (activated from the cab), LED work lights, three extra lights for night work and a drawbar with space to store up to 10 spare film rolls.