The close attachment of the new Vendro rotary tedder range shifts more weight to the tractor’s front axle, helping to reduce transport length and lift requirement compared with the KW range they replace.

Covering working widths from 4.7m to 11.2m, the nine model Vendro range comprises two four-rotor models (470 and 560), three six-rotor versions (620, 680 and 790), two eight-rotor tedders (820 and 900) and the 1020 and 1120 10-rotor units.

Fitted with either five, six or seven tine arms per rotor, rotor diameters are; 470 (1.5m), 560 (1.8m), 620 (1.38m), 680 (1.5m), 790 (1.7m), 820 (1.38m), 900 (1.5m), 1020 (1.38m) and 1120 (1.5m).

The Vendro models use the same OptiTurn rotors as the recently launched Highland tedder range, the patented tines of which orbit closer to the rotor wheels. Krone says the design results in cleaner grass pick up and uniform spreading to reduce wilting times.

The standard border spreading curtain is lowered into work from the cab (manually or hydraulically) when working on headlands.

All 10-rotor machines (optional on all other models) come with a defined headland position. Set on the spool valve, this saves time when travelling to the next field and eliminates tedding the headland twice.

Standard on the 900, 1020 and 1120 models, and optional on rest of the range, the hydraulic damper struts result in a more comfortable ride on the road, and all models come with a new LED light package and storage stands.