Kubota (UK) has approved use of the paraffinic fuels hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and gas to liquid (GTL) in all its diesel engines.

Providing owners and operators with yet another fuel choice, to suit their operating environment, approval follows internal evaluation of the two alternative fuels (HVO is synthesised from vegetable oil and fat, and GTL is synthesised from natural gas). Both comply with the European standard EN15940.

“This is a tremendous benefit for operators who are required to meet environmental conditions where CO2 emissions are monitored and measured,” explains Tim Yates, Kubota (UK)’s agricultural and ground care sales manager.

The change to the two approved fuels can be made without any modification.  There is no requirement to flush fuel tanks or change filters, as HVO and GTL are safe to mix with diesel. Nor are there changes to existing maintenance intervals or warranty conditions when using these fuels. Operators may notice a slight degradation in engine performance from using the lower density paraffinic fuels, compared to diesel.

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