Kubota chose Lamma to test the water with its new 200hp four-cylinder 09-series diesel engines.

Targeted directly at the likes of self-propelled sprayer and mixer wagon manufacturers, we’re told it will also suit static installations like gensets and irrigation pumps. While the 5.02-litre 9-series has seen success in the construction sector for a number of years it is not until now that the Japanese giant has seen fit to tweak the power and torque characteristics to suit ag and forestry applications.

Peak power of 210hp occurs at 2,200rpm. While this might sound like a stretch for a four-pot, the company says it is well within the tested tolerances of the motor. But to put us displacement junkies’ minds at rest Kubota says that the block’s modular format means another two cylinders can be added should extra oompf be required at some point.

In fact, when the 09-series originally broke cover in 2017 there was a 7.5-litre six-pot in the line-up – watch this space. In other news the company also had a 3.8-litre hydrogen-fuelled power-plant on display. Currently under testing with Japanese genset maker Denyo, the unit is based on Kubota’s existing spark-ignition engines used in forklifts and usually run on LPG, methane or petrol. To deal with hydrogen’s lower power density and burn characteristics a wastegate turbocharger has been added and there has been extensive modification to the manifolds and injectors. For now, the biggest challenge remains on-vehicle fuel storage according to Kubota.

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