Kuhn says that the latest addition to the Optimer stubble cultivator range is ideal for CTF systems. With a working width of 12.5m, the L12500 is the new flagship in the range.

The company previewed the L12000 (12.0m) alongside the equally new L9000 (9.0m) at the last Agritechnica in 2019. Visitors to this this year’s show in November will be able to see the L12500.

The result of adding two extra discs each side of the existing 12.0m model, key features include requiring just a single spool valve to control the folding and unfolding sequences of the outer sections.

Working at depths from 3-10cm, the 510mm diameter discs are said to make quick work of stale seedbeds. An Optimer 12500XL (620mm diameter discs) is in the homologation process. This incorporates trash to depths of 15cm.

Transport dimensions are 3.0m (width) and 4.0m (height) and the L12500 can travel at 40km/hr on the road.

Depth adjustment is controlled hydraulically from the front cylinders, and turning on the front wheels and rear rollers reduces headland compaction.

Working at speeds of around 15km/hr, potential outputs are up to 20ha/hr.

A 480-500hp tractor is needed to pull the L12500.

New Optimer options

It is not available on the 9.0m, 12.0m or 12.5m models, but the trailed 4.0m, 5.0m 6.0m and 7.5m Optimers are now available with the new option of a knife roller, levelling board and intermediate harrow.

Fitted in front of the discs, and designed for working in cover crops or crop residues, the fast rotational speed of the 400mm diameter knife roller is said to result in a highly effective cutting effect.

The levelling board helps to flatten out the surface and break up clods ahead of the discs, while the intermediate harrow, which is located between the discs and the roller, distributes surface trash across the entire width of the machine ahead of the roller.

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