You won’t find it in the UK price lists but Kuhn has just launched a new self-propelled sprayer known as the Stronger 4000 (4,000-litres). Unveiled at Agritechnica last month, and initially available as the 4036 (36m) and 4000 (40m), power comes from a 7.2-litre 280hp Stage IIIA MWM block mated to a newly-developed hydrostatic transmission.

Offering one of the highest ground clearances on the market (1.80m), the company reckons the 4,000-litre stainless steel chemical and 600-litre fuel tanks result in fewer and faster stops for reloading. Made in Brazil, (the Kuhn Group acquired self-propelled sprayer maker Montana Industria de Maquinas in 2014) the Stronger is designed exclusively for big farms in the CIS countries. Labelled with serial number 001, the Agritechnica machine, which was reportedly priced at around US$320,000, is believed to have been trucked to Russia.