Kuhn updates to round and square balers

Aimed at operators seeking higher bale weights to reduce transport costs, the SB large square baler range comprises the SB890 (80x90cm), SB1270X (120x70cm), SB1290 and SB1290iD (both 120x90cm).

by Steven Vale

1 Aug 2019

All feature an improved crop intake system for up to 15% higher crop gathering. The patented torque regulation system (crank angle position sensor and plunger rod load pins to measure total machine load) optimises capacity and density. Designed for extreme high density baling, the SB1290iD uses a patented double plunger system to produce up to 25% higher density bales than conventional 120x90 balers.

VB7100 round balers

Sitting on top of the current VB3100 variable chamber round balers, the new VB7100 series comprises the 7160 and 7190, which produce 1.60m and 1.85m round bales. Main features include the patented i-Dense intelligent twin tension arm system.

Working in combination with a moisture sensor, it automatically adapts the baling pressure according to the different crops and conditions, providing bale densities of up to 140kg/m3 in straw and a capacity of up to 30t/hr. Bales are ejected and the tailgate closed in four seconds, which claims Kuhn, makes the VB7100 one of the fastest round balers on the market.