Designed for mixed farms and small-scale arable operations where ease of use, safety and reliability are key priorities, Kuhn Farm Machinery’s new Deltis 2 sprayer features a new chassis and tank design, and new controls. Replacing the existing Deltis mounted sprayer range, Kuhn says the new chassis design results in one of the lightest mounted sprayers on the UK market, and the new 1,300-litre tank is claimed to be easier to empty and rinse. New controls include the manually operated Manuset valve system, which uses two steering wheel type valves to control the main spraying and flushing circuits, or the electronically controlled Diluset+ system which allows operators to control the main spraying and flushing functions from the cab. The Deltis 2 uses the new and patented Optifiller chemical incorporation system, which improves operator safety when handling hazardous crop protection products. Featuring a wide-necked filling port, the induction bowl is capable of holding up to 42 litres of product and is operated via foot controls so that the operator does not need to bend down towards the incorporator when full of chemicals. The system sits within the confines of the sprayer’s chassis for added protection and folds out during the filling process. The standard hand-held lance provides for quick and easy rinsing. The Deltis 2 is available with a range of steel and aluminium booms from 15 to 24 metres, all use the Optilift suspension system.