Kverneland UK has extended its Ecomat shallow plough range, with smaller models suitable for in-furrow use.

The new versions are available in six-, seven- and eight-furrow builds, and join the existing eight- and 10-furrow on-land models. Developed as an option for minimum disturbance seedbed preparation, the new ploughs offer mechanical control of pests and weeds through soil inversion, reducing the reliance on chemical methods.

“Ecomat is a half-way house between a plough and a cultivator,” explains Kverneland product specialist Adam Burt. “As a shallow plough, it still turns soil over but without needing to work as deep as a traditional plough. We’re achieving 95% inversion at a depth of 9.0cm, with an implement that is easier to pull than a traditional plough, while doing a far better job of inversion than a cultivator.”

Working depths are from 6.0cm to 18cm, and auto-rest leg protection is part of the standard specification. An HD spring pack is available for tougher ground conditions.

Available with plastic or steel bodies, furrow widths can be from 25-45cm (10-18in) thanks to hydraulic vari-width. This gives the in-furrow models a range of working widths from 1.5m up to 2.7m (6f), from 1.75m up to 3.15m (7f) and from 2.0m up to 3.6m (8f).

All in-furrow Ecomat ploughs can be equipped with an integral Packomat press. Prices start from £41,713 for the six-furrow model.

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