Kverneland successors to EG, PO and PB

The humble plough has allowed the Kverneland Group to grow into a massive machinery business, so it is only fitting that as part of its 140 year celebrations it announced a host of new models which it will be unveiling at Agritechnica in November.

by Mervyn Bailey

26 Aug 2019

For the mounted market there is the 2300S, 3300S, and 3400S while the 6500S is semi-mounted. All benefit from features first introduced on the I-Plough 2500 in 2015 such as the sweeping leg design, central adjustment for both skimmers and new leaf spring design for the auto-reset system. Joe Bell of Kverneland UK makes the point that these are additional models to the plough range which will be phased in as production ramps up but in time we could see the current comparable models phase out. Availability is from the first quarter of 2020.


So where do the new models fit in? Well the three- to five-furrow 2300S is the newer version of the EG with the 200 headstock and the four- to six-furrow 3300S the 300. The five-, six- and seven-furrow 3400S is an on-land/in-furrow plough equivalent of the PO and the five- to eight-furrow 6500S sits against the PB.


The headstock the mounted models uses the same principals as the I-Plough, allowing it to follow like a trailer when carried on the land wheel during transport.

All of the new models have the option of the Variomat manual or hydraulic variable width system which now has top and bottom rails to the side of the main beam. Depending on model, furrow width can be increased 30 to 55cm. The front-furrow and draft line are automatically adjusted.

6500 and 3400

Interbody clearance is either 85cm or 100cm on the 2300S and 3300S which are rated to 240hp and 330hp respectively. Underbeam clearance has been increased from 70cm to 80cm. Both plough ranges can be fitted with a packer arm or the integrated Packomat press. Interestingly on a tour of the plough factory at Klepp in Norway the firm says there are two grades of hardness for the headstock with the harder version specified on ploughs ordered with a packer but there is no way of identifying which headstock you have once it is painted.


The 6500S benefits from the same features as the mounted models. Key changes compared to the PG is a Cat III/IV compatible headstock and a larger diameter (440/80 R24) rear wheel.