Essex-based J Brock and Sons is going big with its Czech-built Farmet cultivators, which the firm started shipping into the UK last spring. Proving the size point at LAMMA was the Kompaktomat K1250 Max, a 12.5m wide seedbed preparation machine with, from the front, a serrated levelling bar, front crumbler, four rows of tines, double rear crumblers and a rear serrated levelling bar. That’s the standard configuration, although Brock suspects most UK users on heavier land will swap the four rows of light tines for two rows of A-shares with heavy-duty compression springs. Working depth of the Kompaktomat Max is down to 100mm, and the 10.5t machine needs about 300hp up front to tug it in the recommended travel speed band of 8-14km/hr.  What’s the cost? Example prices are £56,500 for the pictured 12.5m model, £23,500 for a smaller 6.0m unit.