Bomford Turner has some good news for those Dynadrive operators fed up with having to fiddle around with transport kits and low loaders before moving their 4.0m+ machines down the road. Fresh out of the firm’s Salford Priors factory, the pictured 4.0m folder is the first hinge-in-the-middle version of a cultivation concept that dates all the way back to the 1980s. It’s a concept that, intrinsically, hasn’t changed: Dynadrive’s ground-driven front rotor lifts the soil, and this, in turn, drives the soil-conditioning rear rotor at three times the front rotor’s speed via a Duplex chain. Power requirement is reckoned to be about 32hp/m, target speed 11-16km/hr. Over the coming months the 4.0m folding Dynadrive will be joined by a 6.0m big brother. Prices are still to be announced, but as a guide the 5.0m rigid version lists at £20,500.