Already sold in Ireland through Co Dublin-based Plant Systems, Austrian tractor maker Lindner is now looking for a distributor and/or dealers to promote its wares in England, Scotland and Wales. Why now? Traditionally, this family-owned company has targeted its sales efforts within a radius of just 500km from its factory in Tirol, but this marketing area has recently been enlarged to 1,500km, hence the current interest in the UK. Speaking at LAMMA, David Lindner, who is responsible for exports, said: “We have no desire to take on the big players in the European market, but, as these global companies increasingly focus on the mainstream, that does leave more niche opportunities for smaller firms such as ourselves.” One of these niche products is the 102hp Lintrac 90. Debuting at Agritechnica back in 2013, this innovative Perkins-powered tractor pairs a ZF CVT with a steering rear axle to result in a highly manoeuvrable package that is capable of turning in a sub-7m diameter circle. It measures just 2.42m high, can be specced to a width of 1.6m, boasts four pto speeds and has variable-flow hydraulics that will deliver from 4 to 80 litres/min. According to Mr Lindner, all of this makes the Lintrac an attractive option for a UK dairy farmer who’s looking for a tractor that’s equally at home shunting in and out of buildings with a loader or feeder wagon as it is at powering a front mower/rear wagon zero-grazing combination in the field. Other products in the Lindner line extend to a more conventional range of Geotrac tractors up to 134hp and a five-model family of Unitrac transporters.