Since Alltech’s aqusition of Keenan last year, there have been some big changes in the company’s product offering, not least the addition of a vertical auger tub mixer to the line-up. But there’s also been a quieter addition – the resurrection of the Orbital muckspreader. It’s been a while since it appeared in the firm’s marketing material but apparently Alltech management see a strong future for the back-to-front muck-flinger. When originally launched in the mid-1990s, the Orbital was something of a misfit with its big diameter spinning flywheel at the front of its barrel-shaped body fed by a hinged-elbow pusher plate. However the concept found favour with quite a few livestock farmers, particularly those with a mix of liquid and solid muck to spread. And so it’s back and Alltech intends to push it as a complementary product alongside Keenan’s new Storti-built tub wagons and old-school barrel mixers.