There are plenty of new drills and cultivators on display at the East of England showground today, one of which includes Weaving Machinery’s mounted LD Top-Soiler. Designed to relieve compaction in the top 228mm, the implement fits into a no-till or min-till system, and is also said to be effective to reduce compaction in conventional systems. Designed to lift the soil while maintaining profile structure, the firm says the narrow spacing of the carbide-tipped loosening legs allows soil movement across the full width. There are four models – 3m rigid (7 legs), and three hydraulically-folding versions – 4m (10 legs), 5m (13 legs) and 6m (15 legs). Kuhn Farm Machinery is showing the latest version of its next generation combination seed drill (Venta 4030 + HR 4040 power harrow). Suitable for use with tractors with a power output of up to 320hp (234kW), the Venta drill features an 1,800-litre seed hopper and uses a fluted metering unit with large splines for larger seeds (wheat, barley, peas, beans, etc.) and small splines for smaller seeds such as rape and alfalfa. Seeding rates can be set from the tractor cab at between 1 and 430kg/ha. The power harrow uses straight blades and a Duplex gearbox, enabling rotor speed to be adjusted according to soil conditions.

Mzuri says it’s Pro-Til 3T Xzact combines the accuracy of seed placement of a conventional precision seeder with the benefits of the company’s one pass striptill drill. The Xzact conversion features an electronic precision seeding unit and coulter assembly to deliver single seed placement. The system uses adjustable-pressure vacuum metering to accurately space crops, regardless of the seed size, and the constant hydraulic pressure exerted onto each coulter arm ensures the seeding depth accuracy, says the firm.

Opico’s 5.5m trailed He-va Combi disc is another machine on show for the first time. Described as a high output, all-rounder designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass, new in the options list are twin 600mm V-Profile rollers. Like the rest of the range, both the depth of the subsoiler legs and discs are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor cab.

Precision drill maker Stanhay is launching the ProAir, the first new machine from the firm in seven years. At 40% lighter and 30% shorter than its predecessor the Star Plus uses the company’s air metering unit. New features include infinite depth control measurable to 0.1mm accuracy thanks to a mechanical counter. Other improvements to the range include a 6m horizontal folding frame and a vacuum seed emptier fitted as standard to all air drills.

Designed for tractors up to 240hp, Pöttinger’s new Servo 45M mid-range mounted reversible plough range is available initially in 4 and 5 furrow versions with a six-furrow variant to follow later in 2018. The company says the new model offers a host of features from the larger Servo models.

Väderstad is showing a new fertiliser placement kit designed as an attachment for TopDown and Opus. The kit includes a distributor head that distributes the fertiliser, metered out from the FH 2200 front hopper. From the distributor head the fertiliser is distributed to each cultivator tine, working down to a depth of 30cm. Fertiliser is placed behind each tine at a pre-selected depth. The operator can choose to place the fertiliser at full depth, on the field surface, or 50/50 deep and shallow.