LAMMA 2020: Bednar Omega

This was Bednar's first LAMMA since setting up its own UK subsidiary. One of the newer machines on show was the Omega seed and fertiliser drill.

by Mervyn Bailey

9 Jan 2020

The £90,000 6.0m model was fitted with a levelling board ahead of the front tyre packer and two rows of discs. Separate coulters place the fertiliser between every two rows of seed.

Warren Rivers-Scott points out the fertiliser coulters can be replaced with two rows of wavy discs, allowing it to be operated as a lower disturbance drill and only till where the coulter will be running, with the front cultivating sections raised up out of work.

In this scenario, fertiliser is combined with the seed. He adds that up to 130kg of coulter pressure mean the double-disc coulters are also capable of direct drilling.